The Scottish FA utilises Erasmus+ funding to underpin its key commitment to improving Coach Education at all levels of the game, from grassroots to elite performance.

Enhancing coaching skills through European interaction and an exchange of innovation serves to improve employability of those who register for coach education at the Scottish FA.

Scottish FA’s investment in the Performance Strategy overseen by Brian McClair is designed to enhance skills acquisition among our coaching staff and to develop a larger pool of talented youth players capable of playing at the top levels in Europe.

Critical to this process is a commitment to ensuring that we produce a stream of talented, enthusiastic coaches who can play their part in raising standards across Scotland.

Through our partnership with Erasmus+ almost 100 candidates have benefitted from a series of initiatives, achieving the following objectives:

  • To provide participants with access to a European centre of excellence and to allow them to acquire the skills involved in the theory, practice and delivery of the most advanced coaching technologies and processes available in Europe.
  • To reduce unemployment rates and enhance employability of all participants through the acquisition of additional skills and qualifications as a direct result of undertaking European mobility.
  • To improve career progression for mobility participants as a direct result of the innovative skills and competences acquired during the mobility.
  • To monitor employment rates among mobility participants and compare the data with statistics obtained from coaching personnel who have not participated in European mobility for a period of 3 years after completion of the project mobility.
  • To improve the skills and knowledge base coaches in Women’s football and increase participation to levels comparable with European countries